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March 2024

It’s Time for Lesbian Feminists to Have a Good Laugh

Books:  Gender Identity: Lies and Dangers by Mexican feminist writer Laura Lecuona

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December 2023

A Statement from Indigenous Australians who supported the Voice referendum

Older Women’s Network performance ‘Not Dead Yet’

Sally Ride

Vale Dale Spender  1942 – 2023

Vale Jan Shaw 1939 – 2023

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July 2023

Women’s libraries in Australia, past and present

A brief history of women’s libraries in Britain, USA, and Australia

Lesbian and Feminist Poetry

The unveiling of Feminist Icon Zelda D’Aprano

Ten Forty goes to Canberra

Vale Julie Ryan 3 May 2023

Vale Jacqueline Hardy 16 May 2023

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March 2023

IWD lunch – women who have contributed to the improvement of women’s rights, or whose work and life have been an inspiration to us.

Gatesways Club – Lesbian Life in the UK in the 50s til the 80s

Lesbian Grandmothers Anthology

The Barbizon – A book review

Vale Vera Ray

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December 2022

How and where will we live as we age?

Book Launce of CAMP: Australia’s pioneer homosexual rights activists By Robyn Plaister and Robyn Kennedy

Thinking about our eyes

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September 2022

Books that inspired me as a child

In Memory of Suzanne Bellamy 22 September 1948–20 June 2022

In Memory of Sue Wills  1944 – 2022

How to bury your best friend.
Or – things to do before you go

Review of Beatriz Capello’s latest poetry book

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April 2022

Stories about Aging

Country Lesbians Association

Women’s Electoral Lobby

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February 2022

The Big Picnic again

Country Lesbians Association

Launch of Speaking Personally – book by Pearlie McNeill

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November 2021

The big picnic

Lesbian Identity and Feminism revisited.  Four speakers tell their stories and give their views.

Living Our Passion – Revisiting the 1991 Lesbian Festival

Brazen Hussies

Vale Sylvana Gruber

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September 2021

Ten Forty Matrix goes to Canberra

The Know My Name exhibition

Walking to the Edge – The travel we have done and what we want to do

Bookish Conversations with Katherine Howell

In memory of Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield

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June 2021


An evening with poet Jacqueline Buswell.

Pioneers of Protest and Change – a book about CAMP

Review of Unseen 2021

Kate Jennings Remembered

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April 2021


The third of our bookish conversations

Review of Spanner in the Works

All About Women

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February 2021


Reviews of ‘The last migration’ and ‘Ammonite’.

Gluten free scone recipe. Download as pdf

December 2020

Technology we have used during lock down to stay connected.

The big picnic -face to face contact is so much more satisfying that Zoom.

What we learnt at the writing workshop Download as pdf

September 2020

Fled by Meg Keneally

This historical novel is based on the true story of Mary Bryant, renowned in early Australian history as the woman who made a daring and successful escape from Port Jackson, almost three years after the first fleet arrived…Download as pdf

August 2020

Climate Change, Our insane summer, and what we can do about it

This was definitely a Zoom event not to be missed. It was not simply a list of dreadful facts about climate change. Anne, an environmental officer for Inner West Council, prepared a dynamic and informative talk. She also sent us interesting ‘homework’ we could do in advance if we wished, as well as preparing visual information to illustrate her talk. This visual information showed clearly the increasing damage to our environment as a result of world increases in carbon emissions… Download as pdf

July 2020

I participated in my first Zoom experience….It was an experience sharing event for those associated with the Women’s Lands in New South Wales. Some of us, to this day, have never met…

This issue also has more COVID stories… Download as pdf

June 2020

Life in Lockdown

My life as a 75 year old radical lesbian feminist on the Old Age Pension (financial security) and living in my own house in the inner urban area of Melbourne, albeit in Lockdown, is not nearly as stressful and difficult as it is for those who have lost their jobs, are sleeping rough…. Download as pdf

May 2020


In Australia we have been queueing up for toilet paper, while in the United States they have been queueing up for guns. But what impact has this Covid-19 virus had on our Older Lesbian Community here in NSW?  Read some of our stories here… Download as pdf

April 2020

Murder and Mayhem at Haberfield – Exploring Crime Fiction with Pearlie McNeill

Pearlie read two short story beginnings and we had to choose by voting which of these we wanted to work on. This was a hard choice as they both held our interest. Pearlie then gave each of our three groups a task to undertake using the chosen storyline… Download as pdf

February 2020

Book Review: Time to Fly – Stories of resilience from Members of Bush Lemons;  Fragments to Wholesome Me – a memoir.  Download as a pdf

November 2019

Being Aboriginal, Adopted and a 78er… Terra Nullius; Book Review: Crimson By Niviaq Korneliussen; Mata Hari – story of a female spy.  Download as pdf

September 2019

What Makes You so uniquely You? Stories of Women’s Lands Vol 2 review, End of life choices. Download as a pdf.

July 2019

What lesbians do in books, Stories of Women’s Lands, Australia Volume 2. Download as a pdf.

May 2019

Vale Dorothy Cora. Download as a pdf.

Jan 2019

AGM 2017– 2018, Pearlie’s Ednas speech, Women, ageing and disadvantage. Download as a pdf.

November 2018

Open Mic, Telling stories. Download as a pdf.

September 2018

Demented Fear of Dementia, Edna Ryan awards. Download as a pdf.

July 2018

Ten Forty history. Download as a pdf.

May 2018

Choose a lesbian and/or feminist (dead or alive!) to take to dinner. Download as a pdf.

March 2018

ACON, Living without plastic. Download as a pdf.

January 2018

Celebrating 30 years of Ten Forty. Download as a pdf.

September 2017

Vision Valley, mental health first aid. Download as a pdf.

July 2017

Lesbian quiz, Vale Meg. Download as a pdf.

May 2017

Feminism, plans for celebrating our 30th year. Download as a pdf.

March 2017

Breastiville, Girl Rising and taking care of ourselves. Download as a pdf.

October 2016

Fun at Berry and convict lesbians. Download as a pdf.

August 2016

Tea dance and discussion of memory. Download as a pdf.

June 2016

Books that rocked your mind, special events for 2016. Download as a pdf.

April 2016

Dance all night, flirting, butch and queer. Download as a pdf.

January 2016

Imogen Cunningham, a decade of summer solstice parties, death and relationships. Download as a pdf.

November 2015

The highs and lows of trade unionism, the Berry fun weekend. Download as a pdf.

September 2015

Momentous Michfest, Spare Rib goes digital, five lesbian novels. Download as a pdf.

July 2015

Depression and gender, Vale Joy Ross. Download as a pdf.

May 2015

Berry fun weekend, Women and the peace movement, Cheek to Cheek ballroom fantasia. Download as a pdf.

March 2015

IWD, UnitingCare Ageing and lesbians, Lessons from the suffragettes. Download as a pdf.

January 2015

Accommodation for older dykes, Mardi Gras, IWD, LOTL returns to community. Download as a pdf.

September 2014

Imogens Photography, Feminism Discussed, Ten Pin Bowling. Download as a pdf.

July 2014

The Lesbian Erotic Cookbook, Sex over 40. Download as a pdf.

May 2014

Aged Care, Lesbian Cemetery, Imogens Photography. Download as a pdf.

March 2014

Suffragettes, Ten Forty Matrix incorporation, Out & About. Download as a pdf.

January 2014

Summer Solstice, 55Upitty, Ten Forty Matrix incorporation. Download as a pdf.

November 2013

55Upitty, Vale Doris Lessing. Download as a pdf.

September 2013

Fun and games, exercise and dementia. Download as a pdf.

July 2013

Indian head massage, rules for a female prime minister. Download as a pdf.

May 2013

What does ‘family’ mean to us? Shulamith Firestone 1945 – 2012. Download as a pdf.

January 2013

Another great party, Vale Kate O’ Brien. Download as a pdf.

November 2012

Esther’s nine lives book launch, When words become weapons. Download as a pdf.

September 2012

Gay Marriage: Reformist Rubbish or a Great Leap Forward? and The Political Persecution of Australia’s First Female Prime Minister. Download as a pdf.

August 2012

De-stressed Damsels and Happy Feet, Skirting Sydney. Download as a pdf.

June 2012

Ten Forty program for 2012, Elsa’s farewell, Is a woman leader possible. Download as a pdf.

April 2012

Ten Forty past, present and future, survey results, sex and aged care. Download as a pdf.

January 2012

Hungry Beast, online survey of members. Download as a pdf.

November 2011

Boldly going into 2012, Sintiendo la vida. Download as a pdf.

September 2011

A lesbian night to remember, the singer who affected my life, 1943 guide to hiring women. Download as a pdf.

June 2011

Oranges are not the only fruit, secret diaries. Download as a pdf.

April 2011

The most popular lesbian films, International women’s day march . Download as a pdf.

February 2011

Ten Forty and the year ahead, end of year party. Download as a pdf.

November 2010

Trivia night, House Arrest, Grandmas don’t know everything. Download as a pdf.

September 2010

Games night, Yum cha with a twist. Download as a pdf.

July 2010

Radical Lesbians, Lesbian Separatists & Radical Feminists, Yum cha. Download as a pdf.

May 2010

Tweet tweet facebook blog things, Brazen Hussies, Feminist conference. Download as a pdf.

March 2010

Resuscitation, Feminist conference, Government policies on older lesbians. Download as a pdf.

January 2010

Plans for 2010, Tribute to Val Eastwood, Advance Health Care Directive. Download as a pdf.

November 2009

Memory workshop, Care networks, Sex discrimination. Download as a pdf.

September 2009

Lesbian labels, Vale Suzanne Keys, Women earn less. Download as a pdf.

July 2009

Our lesbian herstory, Are women paid enough?, Freda du Faur. Download as a pdf.

May 2009

Ten Forty soiree, Same sex legislation, Carol Ann Duffy. Download as a pdf.

March 2009

Ten Forty games night, Watson’s Bay picnic, Out and About. Download as a pdf.

January 2009

International Women’s Day, Age pension same sex changes. Download as a pdf.

November 2008

Community and support networks, Future Ten Forty events. Download as a pdf.

October 2008

Website launch, Jewelle Gomez, Am I having a heart attack? Download as a pdf.

July 2008

Retirement, Mental health, Human rights, Lesbians in China. Download as a pdf.

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