Eat, Chat and Dance to 60-80s music Saturday 4 June

Eat, Chat and Dance to 60-80s music Saturday 4 June

Following feedback from the last ‘Big Indoor Picnic,’ for more events with dancing and some line dancing too, the DDfOL planning group organised a Dance Party Night. We selected our winter date of 4 June as, following elections, continued COVID stress, a flu epidemic and the usual miseries of cold weather, we hoped a fun dance party would lift our spirits.  We now know who our fun-seeking, dancing, older lesbians are! Despite the chilly evening and small number of participants, we had a fabulous night. The eating and chatting part of the night was, as always full of enthusiasm. Food for all tastes and delicious cake! The heaters worked as well, so no one was cold.

Following the acknowledgement of Wangal Country and a welcome to all, everyone participated in a fun activity designed to get everyone to chat, meet, and discover new things about each other.
As promised, Sylvia taught an easy line dance and requests for more line dancing followed. Then, those present turned to dancing to some of our favourite music. This was followed by a few party games. Laughter proved these were enjoyed by all. Then back to dancing for the remainder of the night.

Thanks go to Diann who photographed some of the fun and worked as always on the door. A huge thanks to all our great helpers and the planning team for a fun night.
Cleaning and packing up is never a problem, many hands folded tables, table cloths and stacked chairs. The five boxes of resources were packed and carried out to the car. The sound system was packed and loaded as well.


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